Support for Your Loved Ones

Our seamless intake process is designed to give friends and family the support they need. Here are resources to help you navigate addiction treatment for a loved one.

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Understanding Addiction

At Endeavor House North, we understand that helping loved ones enter treatment for drug or alcohol use takes courage, patience, and a lot of love. Here are some helpful resources to give you answers to your questions:

What Is Rehab Really Like? Inside Inpatient Treatment
Outpatient Treatment: What to Expect
8 Ways to Help Your Friend Through Addiction
5 Common Intervention Mistakes to Avoid

Sprout Health Group Resource Library

As part of the Sprout Health Group family of facilities, we offer a library of resources to help friends & family understand common substances, treatments, and co-occurring mental health disorders. Click above to browse articles.

Navigating Financing

During intake, we perform a complimentary check of your loved one’s insurance plan and help you understand any co-pays or other out-of-pocket expenses they may face. If your loved one does not have insurance, we can help you explore other options. Call us today to let help you find a plan that works for you.


We understand that clients often need the help of friends and family to attend treatment. Offering free transportation to and from treatment in the tri-state area is one way that we try to make recovery easier for the whole support system. Call to ask us how to schedule a ride.